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The DSO Project

DSO Accelerator
Build a Premium Dental Support Organization


DSO's are altering the landscape of dentistry
as the cottage industry is maturing and consolidating, transforming how dentistry is delivered forever.


The DSO Project is the first and most exclusive DSO accelerator. It has been created to serve an exclusive cohort of dental entrepreneurs poised to rapidly build their business into a premium DSO.

In order to provide an exceptional experience, The DSO Project limits the number of active clients in order to provide proper focus and guidance.

Click below to learn how The DSO Project works and if it is the right fit to assist you in reaching your goals.

This crucible of mentorship, resources, curriculum, and an innovative community allow for DSO's to avoid mistakes and have a far more successful ramp and exit.

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Jeromy R. Dixson DMD, MBA

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Dr. Dixson is a DSO expert with incomparable success in personally building a premium DSO. He is a hands-on, award-winning entrepreneur who understands from personal experience exactly what it takes to like to scale and administer a successful DSO.

Click below to learn more about Dr. Dixson's career in the DSO industry, and his proprietary approach to building world-class entrepreneurs and teams. Learn more about Dr. Dixson.

If you are interested in obtaining funding for your dental group or DSO, please visit our advisory website.
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"I have had the pleasure of working with numerous DSO's within the past 15 years, and I have found that team culture is the foundation to a successful organization.

In 2013, I met with Dr. Jeromy Dixson and the Smiles Dental executive team where Dr. Dixson explained his vision for creating a strong dental group. However, It was not until I started to work intimately with their teams that I saw this vision come to life. Dr. Dixson does not just talk about culture, he instills it within his team. Every one of their employees understood the mission, vision and goals, and lived the culture Dr. Dixson created.

It is not often you see work environments like this, and I can tell you that Dr. Dixson is a master at creating a strong team culture. This culture supported incredible growth with happy patients and a team that was committed to success. It was an absolute pleasure working with this team and helping them build a world-class dental group."

Heidi Arndt, RDH, BSDH
Founder & CEO at Enhanced Hygiene


Are you energized and ready to begin your journey to create a world-class DSO?
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The DSO Project is a unique DSO coaching and consulting firm leveraging dental industry experts to help dentists start, grow, and exit their DSO.
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