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The DSO Project


Are you energized and ready to begin your journey to create a world-class DSO?

In order to be successful, here is what The DSO Project will need from you:
•  A desire to learn and grow into a world-class DSO CEO
•  A willingness to be held accountable
•  Transparency and commitment to the success of this venture
•  A pledge to show up on time for scheduled meetings, and reschedule in advance if the meeting must be changed
•  A pledge to do everything in your power to make your DSO successful
•  A commitment to 10X growth in relation to the following key performance indicators:
•  clinical quality
•  patient and team member satisfaction
•  EBITDA generation
•  number of locations
•  personal happiness and work-life balance
•  achieving liquidity and financial independence
•  paying it forward

If you believe you are ready, you are invited to reach out to us and start a conversation to learn whether synergy can be achieved through your engagement with The DSO Project.

To get started please either fill out the form below, or email us at ian@dsoproject.com.

Please provide the following information in the form below:

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"The future belongs to those who endeavor to create it."
- Darren Hardy

Are you energized and ready to begin your journey to create a world-class DSO?
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